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Jan 14

Link javascript with CSS media query breakpoints

Some articles: 


- Adding generated content with the property being a text reference to the size - uses the transitionEnd event referred to in 


This is not supported in IE9, but this article http://adactio.com/journal/5414/ gives a technique that will link the javascript and media queries on load.

Mar 21

Mar 6

Feb 21

Jan 27

Jan 19

JavaScript Snippets: isArray, arguments to Array, [x..y], padding, array.unique()

How to make sure something is definitely an Array in javascript:

 Object.prototype.toString.call(arg) == '[object Array]';


/via https://twitter.com/#!/codepo8/status/159922860490625025

May 20

Mar 30
“Reflow is the process by which the geometry of the layout engine’s formatting objects are computed. The HTML formatting objects are called frames: a frame corresponds to the geometric information for (roughly) a single element in the content model; the frames are arranged into a hierarchy that parallels the containment hierarchy in the content model. A frame is rectangular, with width, height, and an offset from the parent frame that contains it.” Notes on HTML Reflow

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